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Are bees allowed?  Yes. There are no regulation. No digital citation as there is no code regarding honey bees, however, see Nuisance below.

If a nuisance was called: Honey bees fit the definition of Animal At Large: Animal Protection and Control


2. “Animal” means a living creature, not human, and being either domestic or wild. …

5. “At large” means an animal off the premises of the owner. ….

Additional notes: Honey bees do not fit the definition of Livestock.

55.26 TRAPPING. It is unlawful for any person to place out of doors on public or private property any trap, snare, or other device that is designed to entrap or capture any animal or fowl without the permission of the Chief of Police. In any proceeding charging the violation of this section, a prima facie presumption shall exist that the owner of said trap, snare, or other device was the person placing the same.

Honey bees do not fit the definition of Illegal or Dangerous Animal 57.01

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