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Are bees allowed? NO, not permitted in any zoning district

Per http://www.waukee.org/DocumentCenter/Home/View/187

Agriculture: The use of land for purposes of growing the usual farm products, including vegetables, fruit, trees and grains; pasturage; dairying; animal and poultry husbandry; and the necessary accessory uses for treating or storing the produce; provided that the operation of such accessory uses shall be secondary to that of the regular agricultural activities.

Agriculture is allowed in all districts; apiculture is not considered agriculture with this definition.


This would be a zoning violation, but Planner Andy Kass suggests that the Police Department might be more appropriate as a first call to begin an investigation. Development Services would be the enforcing agency.

Additional Notes

Kass states that the City is approaching Agriculture from a traditional crop perspective. ‘”Animal husbandry” is included in the definition, but there is no definition of “animal;” this prohibition on honey bees seems to be a matter of staff interpretation.

Contact: Andy Kass

Department: Development Services

Title:  Planner II

Email: akass@waukee.org

Phone: 515-978-7903

County: Dallas