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Are bees allowed? Yes, in A-1 districts. Refer to http://www.tripoliiowa.com/codesandordinances.html or download City Ordinances <here>

A-1 districts exist in city limits; annexed areas automatically get an A-1 classification. See U-1 district notes below in Additional Notes.

If a nuisance was called: Procedure for nuisances will follow code, which includes meeting the definition of a nuisance (Ch. 50 of City Ordinances) :

Dangerous pests.  Any building or location which harbors vectors, vermin or pests, or dangerous insects, including but not limited to cockroaches, aggressive stinging bees and wasps. The pollution of any well, stream, lake, river, or body of water by the dumping or throwing of any sewage, industrial waste, carcass, garbage, refuse, offal or manure, except with the consent and under the direction of the DNR and the dumping or throwing of any such items upon any private or public property.  For the purpose of this chapter, “vermin” means any of various insects, bugs or small animals regarded as objectionable because they are destructive, disease carrying, etc.

Additional notes: The City contracts with Bremer County (tel 319-352-0332) for its zoning services. If a prospective bee keeper were to file for an adjustment for his/her zoning district to allow bees with the city, the prospect may end up dealing with the county. The adjustment would most likely need to prove hardship.

U-1 Unclassified districts allow agriculture, but Brent at the county did not consider bee keeping to be agriculture. Brent’s grandfather kept bees, but in “the center of a hog yard, away from people.” He believes bees carry too much risk in an R-1 district since they could be aggressive. 

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