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Are bees allowed? Yes, in A-1 Agricultural district


  1. Permitted Uses

Agricultural – animal raising (personal), provided no building in which animals are quartered shall be closer than 200 feet to the property line.

See Additional Note re: animals

Nuisance: Beekeeping in non-A-1 districts risk a zoning violation, which includes fines and removal.

Additional Notes: “Animal” is not defined for ag.

“Animal” is defined for Animal Protection and Control. (See http://polkcityia.gov/file.axd?file=/2014/10/chapter%2055.pdf)

55.01 Definitions

2. “Animal” means a non-human vertebrate.

Gibbons stated on 3 1 16 that 55.01 2. does not apply to ag. Additionally, for Residential Zoning districts in 165.09 2. Principal Permitted Uses have ag  as permitted, but honey and bees do not fit:

Agricultural – crop production only for growing of farm products such as vegetables, fruits, trees and grain but excluding crop storage, animal production or raising or roadside stands.

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