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Are bees allowed?  Per zoning. Honey bees fall under livestock regulations.

Per Ch. 165 Zoning Regulations. See full text at http://www.perryia.org/uploads/1/0/9/5/10951144/chapter_165.pdf

165.06 Definitions 5. “Agriculture” means the production, keeping or maintenance, for sale, lease, or personal use, of plants and animals useful to humans, including but not limited to: …mules, or goats, or any mutations or hybrids thereof including the breeding and grazing of any or all such animals; bees and apiary products; ….

Yes, in AG Agricultural Districts.

165.22 AG – AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT. This district is intended to provide for areas in which agriculture and related uses are encouraged as the principal use of land. …All newly annexed areas to the City will automatically be placed into this district classification unless otherwise suitably classified. 1 Permitted Uses. The following uses are permitted in the AG District: A. Agriculture, including the usual agricultural buildings and structures and excluding offensive uses.

Yes, with special permit in other zoning districts.

If a nuisance was called:  If bee keeping was a permitted use on a parcel, a nuisance claim against it would need to meet the definition of a nuisance to be valid. Unsure how the following would be handled. Ch. 55 Animal Protection and Control 2. At-Large: Includes any dog, cat, fowl or livestock found off the premises of the owner or keeper

Additional notes: 165.04 ESTABLISHMENT OF DISTRICTS 2. Annexation of New Land. Any land annexed to the City after the effective date of this chapter shall be zoned [AG] Agricultural until the Zoning Commission and City Council shall have studied the area and adopted a final zoning plan for the area in accordance with this chapter.

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