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Are bees allowed?   No. City code does not appear to mention honey bees. See Additional notes below.  City code is located at: http://www.cityofpeosta.org/vertical/sites/%7BF7CDA7D8-A7C2-43A7-BF67-DE2E511635D1%7D/uploads/CODE-PEOSTA2014Final.pdf

If a nuisance was called: Prohibited per the following:

3-2-1 Community Protection – Nuisances – Definitions

1. The erecting, continuing, or using any building or other place for the exercise of any trade, employment, or manufacture, which by occasioning noxious exhalations, unreasonably offensive smells, or other annoyances, becomes injurious and dangerous to the health, comfort, or property of individuals or the public.

Additional notes: Mayor Larry Mescher via phone (563-599-7070) interprets the nuisance ordinance to include honey bees, with or without a complaint being filed. While honey bees are beneficial insects, he believes they are unsafe for the community.

See also below email:

Peosta’s current zoning is Restricted Residential meaning everything in the City is zoned residential unless specifically listed in the ordinance as a “no zoning” area.  I don’t believe that bees would be allowed.

That being said, we are in the process of adopting a new zoning ordinance which will address all of the items listed before and more.   If you want to check back with me periodically I can give you a status update of where the Planning and Zoning Commission and Council are in the process.

Karen Snyder

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