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Orange City

Are bees allowed?  No, per Title 7, Public Order, Chapter 1: Animal Control and Protection, Article 2 – Animals 2.05 BOTHERSOME ANIMALS:

“It shall be unlawful for a person to keep within the City such bothersome animals as barking dogs, bees, cattle, horses, swine and sheep, or other animals which tend to disrupt the peace and good order of the community.”

(Citation is unavailable online.)

If a nuisance was called: A complaint would be investigated. Valid complaint would be met with a code violation, then municipal code infraction fine of $1000/day.

Additional notes: None.

Contact: Ken Meendering

Department: N/A

Title: Code Enforcement Officer

Email: code-enf@orangecityiowa.com

Phone: 712-707-4885

County: Sioux