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Are bees allowed?  Yes, as long as bees are not disrupting the community per interpretation of below ordinance. Follow this path for code:

http://www.oelweinpolice.org/ > Ordinances > Animal Ordinances

ANIMAL ORDINANCES SECTION 19-3. BOTHERSOME ANIMALS. It is unlawful for a person to keep within the city such bothersome animals such as cats, bees, cattle, horses, goats, swine, sheep, fowl, cats and barking dogs which tend to disrupt the peace and good order of the community. (Ord. No. 601, Section 1, 8-28-78; Ord. No. 909, 1-23-95.)

If a nuisance was called: See above Animal Ordinance. Bee keeper would be asked to remedy a nuisance situation.

Additional notes: Bee keeping is covered in the definitions of Agriculture and Farm.

Contact: Jim Prouty

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