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Are bees allowed?  Per zoning. Read excerpts below or visit: http://www.norwalk.iowa.gov/Portals/0/Development%20Services/PlanningZoning/2013_09_24_Zoning_Ordinance_Update_4_2010.pdf

Title 17 Zoning 17.04.040 Definitions. …Agriculture: The use of land for agricultural purposes, including animal husbandry, apiculture, …and the necessary accessory uses for packing, treating or storing the produce; however, the operation of the accessory uses shall be subordinate to that of the normal agricultural activities.

Note that “Crop” is not defined in code, but interpreted as plant crop. The analogy was made to cows giving milk was to bees giving honey, where milk would not be called a crop.

Yes, in Ag districts. A-R ZONING DISTRICT REGULATIONS Principal Permitted Uses. Only the uses of structures or land listed in this section shall be permitted in the A-R District. A. Agriculture and the usual agricultural buildings and structures, but not including commercial livestock feed lots, livestock confinement operations, and poultry farms. B. Specialty farming, including truck farming, tree farms, orchards, vineyards and aquaculture.

No,  in Residential Districts, because honey is not considered a crop by staff. SECTION 17.10.030 R-1 ZONING DISTRICT REGULATIONS Principal Permitted Uses. Only the use of structures or land listed in this subsection shall be permitted in the R-1 Zoning Districts of R-1 (60), R-1 (70), R-1 (80), R-1 (90), and R-1 (100). A…. C. Agricultural crops, truck farming, tree farms, and orchards, provided that no offensive odors are created, and provided further, that no retail sales shall be permitted on the premises.

Yes, in Conservation Districts. CD DISTRICT REGULATIONS CONSERVATION DISTRICT Principal Permitted Uses. Only the uses of buildings, structures or land listed in this section shall be permitted in the CD District: A. Agriculture, including truck gardening, orchards, vineyards, and plant nurseries, but not including livestock feed lots or poultry farms or similar uses; provided no building or dwellings shall be erected thereon.

Yes, in FW Districts, but note that the overlay is trumped by underlying zoning. SECTION 17.20.020 FW FLOODWAY OVERLAY ZONING DISTRICT Principal Permitted Uses. The following uses shall be permitted within the FW Floodway Overlay District to the extent they are not prohibited by any other ordinance (or underlying zoning district) and provided they do not include placement of structures, buildings, factory built homes, fill or other obstruction, the storage of materials or equipment, excavation, or alteration of a watercourse. A. Agricultural uses such as general farming, pasture, grazing, outdoor plant nurseries, horticulture, viticulture, aquaculture, truck farming, forestry, sod farming, wild crop harvesting, but not including livestock feed lots or poultry farms.

No, in Buffers

If a nuisance was called: Valid complaints in permitted use districts would need to be geared to misoperation rather than the fact that bee hives were present. Zoning violations would be valid.

Additional notes: RE-1 district permits accessory uses such as horse stables and private kennels.

17.04.110 Annexation of Territory…. All property that may hereafter be annexed into the City shall be zoned A-R, Agricultural Reserve District unless otherwise designated by the City Council in accordance with the City of Norwalk Comprehensive Plan. (ORD. 06-06)

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