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Are bees allowed? Yes, in Agricultural (Z1), sub-urban (Z2), and general urban (Z3). Refer to definitions and maps online for zoning. For beekeeping, refer to excerpts from Animal Control below or read full text here: http://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php?book_id=382.

Animal control ordinance

8-4-1: Definitions:

BEEKEEPING: Apicultural activities, which includes raising bees in one or more hives, boxes or colonies occupied by bees and using the honey produced, but not including commercial honey processing or honey warehousing (emphasis added).

8-4-5: Beekeeping:

Beekeeping shall be allowed in the Z1, Z2 or Z3 zoning districts with the following restrictions:

1. The minimum lot area shall be twenty thousand (20,000) square feet;

2. Maximum number of hives allowed is two (2) hives in Z2 and Z3 districts and ten (10) hives in Z1 district;

3. Hives shall be located in the rear yard and a minimum of fifteen feet (15′) from property lines;

4. A flight path barrier shall be located in front of the hive(s), consisting of a six foot (6′) fence that is one hundred percent (100%) opaque, or a similar structure or planting not less than six feet (6′) in height of sufficient density to create an opaque or nearly opaque barrier;

5. A source of water accessible to the bees must be provided on the property. (Ord. 14-11, 9-16-2014)

8-4-6: Sanitary Conditions: It shall be the duty of any person keeping or raising livestock, rabbits, poultry or bees to keep the pens, yards, hives or boxes wherein such livestock, rabbits, poultry or bees are confined in a clean and sanitary condition. (Ord. 14-11, 9-16-2014)

If a nuisance was called: City tries to work with residents to eliminate hives or correct the situation. Non-compliant beekeepers could be cited and fined.

Additional notes: Per Pat, online code gets a note reading “updates soon” asap; updates are codified then published online at a time unspecified

Contact: Pat Gansen

Department: Development Services > Building and Neighborhood Services

Title: Animal Control Officer

Email: pgansen@masoncity.net

Phone: 641-421-3664

County: Cerro Gordo