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Are bees allowed?  No. Honey bees do not fit under the definitions of Domesticated Animals, Pets, or Farm. No digital citation. Definitions are located in City Zoning Regulations TITLE V   LAND USE REGULATIONS CHAPTER 1A ZONING REGULATIONS SUBCHAPTER 1A SHORT TITLE AND DEFINITIONS 5-1A-2 DEFINITIONS.

If a nuisance was called: Email from Brian Wagner dated 12 17 15 about a hypothetical complaint about an apiary: “…if the City received a truthful complaint about an apiary, we would inform the property owner of the need to remove it.  If that didn’t work, we’d issue nuisance abatement.  If that didn’t work, we’d likely issue a municipal infraction citation which can ultimately end up in magistrate court.”

Additional notes: City councils have been presented with the option to regulate honey bees and not accepted multiple times.

Contact: Brian Wagner

Department: Adminstration

Title: City Manager

Email: maqcity@maquoketaia.com

Phone: 563-652-2484

County: Clinton and Jackson