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Are bees allowed? Yes, in AG district with Special Use Permit per definition of Animal Production, below.  See Table 4.1 Use Matrix or visit source:


165.3.3(c) Animal Production The raising of animals or production of animal products, such as eggs or dairy products on an agricultural or commercial basis on a site which is also used for crop production or where grazing of natural vegetation is the major feed source; or the raising of animals for recreational or educational use. Typical uses include grazing, ranching, free ranch dairy farming, and poultry farming.

If a nuisance was called: A zoning violation, not a nuisance complaint, would be in effect.

Additional notes: Ch 165.4 Zoning District Regulations 4.9 Annexation of Territory All unimproved or agricultural territory that may hereafter be annexed to the City shall be considered as lying in the AG Agricultural/Urban Reserve District until such classification shall be changed as provided by this ordinance.

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