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Are bees allowed?  Yes, per Ch. 20.5 Keeping of Honeybees

https://www.municode.com/library/ia/keokuk/codes/code_of_ordinances?nodeId =TIT20ZO_CH20.65KEHO

  • Permit is required. Expiring every March 31 and renewed at least 21 days before expiration date.
  • Requirements of site include 25’ set back from property line, flyway barrier >= 6’ high x 10’ long unless adjoining undeveloped or industrial lot.

Other Restrictions: (b) No person is permitted to keep more than the following numbers of colonies on any lot within the city, based upon the size or configuration of the apiary lot:

One-half-acre or smaller lot: Two colonies;

(2) Larger than one-half acre but smaller than three-quarter acre lot: Four colonies;

(3) Larger than three-quarter acre lot but smaller than one acre lot: Six colonies;

(4) One acre but smaller than five acres: Eight colonies;

(5) Larger than Five acres: As determined by the community development director or designee.

(c) If a beekeeper serves the community by removing a swarm or swarms of honeybees from locations where they are not desired, a beekeeper shall not be considered in violation of the portion of this section limiting the number of colonies while temporarily housing the swarm on the apiary lot in compliance with the standards of practice established pursuant to this section if the swarm is so housed for no more than thirty days from the date acquired. (Ord. No. 1941, § 1, 6-4-15)

If a nuisance was called: A nuisance could be called if an apiary were to fall out of compliance.

Chapter 5.24 – NUISANCES—YARD JUNK, JUNK MACHINERY 5.24.020 – Nuisances declared. (2) (5) Vermin Infestations. Infestations of vermin such as rats, mice, skunks, snakes, bats, starlings, pigeons, bees, wasps, cockroaches or flies.

Additional notes: None

Contact: Pam Broomhall

Department: Community Development

Title: Director

Email: pbroomhall@cityofkeokuk.org

Phone: 319-524-2050 x 115

County: Lee