Are bees allowed?  Per Zoning. Code is located online here:

Yes, in A-R Districts.

Ch. 165 Zoning – general provisions and definitions 165.04.7

“Agriculture” means the use of land for agricultural purposes, including those forms of animal husbandry, apiculture, ….

Yes, in other districts. Honey bees are unregulated in other districts. No digital citation because there is no policy regarding honey bees.

If a nuisance was called: If neighbors called for a nuisance that prevented a reasonable use of their property, they would have a valid claim for A-R Districts.

Additional notes: Definitions of Livestock and Animal Keeping do not include honey bees.

Zoning Map

City of Johnston has two beekeepers on staff.

Contact: David Wilwerding

Department: Community Development

Title: Director


Phone: 515-727-7775

County: Polk