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Fort Madison

Are bees allowed?  No. Honey bees and beekeeping are not expressly mentioned in zoning code. Planning and Zoning Director Krogmeier interprets that as ‘bees are prohibited.’ See Additional Notes. No digital citation as there is no code regarding honey bees.

If a nuisance was called: Pests are mentioned in code, and a nuisance­­­­ complaint will be examined. Under Division VIII. Animals

7-2-51: BEES: No person shall own, keep or harbor bees which disturb or annoy the residents of the immediate neighborhood. (Ord. B-256, 3-7-1978) emphasis added.

Additional notes: Krogmeier notes that code re: bees is not actively enforced.

Contact: Doug Krogmeier

Department: Planning and Zoning

Title: Director

Email: dkrogmeier@fortmadison-ia.com

Phone: 319-372-7700 x 212

County: Lee