Fort Dodge

Are bees allowed? Yes. There are no ordinances re: pests, nuisances, ag, etc. Therefore, bees are allowed per city staff. Follow the path for ordinance: > Zoning Ordinance

However, beekeeping MAY BE allowed but restricted in RS residential single family district per code: > pg. 53, C. Accessory Uses

Raising and keeping of animals and fowl, but not on a commercial basis or on a scale objectionable to neighbors; the keeping or raising of pigs, sheep, goats, cattle or horses is prohibited except on premises containing 2 acres or more and except within an enclosure at least 100 feet from any residence now existing or hereafter erected

In the above citation,”not on a commercial basis” was mentioned to staff. The definition of “commercial basis” as in hobby vs. sideline vs. full-time was not determined. Bee keepers are encouraged to call city staff for clarification.

If a nuisance was called: There is no code on which to found a nuisance complaint.

Additional notes: None

Contact: Dawn Siebken

Department: N/A

Title: Deputy City Clerk


Phone: 515-576-4551

County: Webster