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Are bees allowed?  Yes. Allowed in all zoning areas.

  • Citizen should present written intention of beekeeping plans and a drawing of prospective apiary site on his/her property to City Council
  • Permit is granted by City Council once/lifetime of consecutive years of beekeeping
  • Beekeeping without a permit will be fined per http://cityoffairfieldiowa.com/DocumentCenter/Home/View/123

Ch. 6.16, adopted in 1904

6.16.010 Permission required. No person shall keep or have in his possession or under his or her control within the city limits any stand, hive or colony of honey bees, without first obtaining the permission of the city council, which permission may be revoked at any time by the city council; but after such revocation, no penalties shall attach to any defendant by reason of nonremoval of bees within a less period than one month. (Ord. 69 ‘ 1, 1904). 6.16.020 Penalty for violation. Every person or persons who keeps or controls any honey bees otherwise than as provided in this chapter within the limits of the city of Fairfield, or who fails to remove any such bees after having been notified as provided in Section 6.16.010, shall on conviction pay a fine of not exceeding fifty dollars, and costs of prosecution. (Ord. 69 ‘ 2, 1904).

Additional notes:

Neighbors who feel strongly anti-bee could complain before Council and probably get a hive removed per Rebekah

Contact: Rebekah Loper

Department: Planning and Zoning

Title: Planning and Zoning Assistant

Email: cityadmin@fairfieldcityhall.com

Phone: 641-472-6193

County: Jefferson