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Are bees allowed?  No. There is no ordinance. No code available to cite.

If a nuisance was called: A complaint would be valid if definition was met, see below. No digital version available for full context.

Ch. 50 Nuisance Abatement Procedure 50.01 DEFINITION OF NUISANCE. Whatever is injurious to health, indecent, or unreasonably offensive to the senses, or an obstruction to the free use of property so as essentially to interfere unreasonably with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property is a nuisance. (Amended by Ordinance No. 95-23) (Code of Iowa, Sec. 657.1)

Additional notes: None

Contact: Giles Looney

Department: Building/Zoning

Title: Building Official

Email: cdbldgofc@gmtel.net

Phone: 563-659-3811

County: Clinton