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Are bees allowed? Yes, honey bees are allowed in all zoning districts within city limits. Code located: <click here>

Sec. 18-4. – Agricultural nondomestic animals and exotic animals.

No horse, cow, calf, swine, sheep, goat, llama, camel, ostrich, peacock, chicken, goose, duck or other agricultural animal or any nondomestic animal shall be kept within the city’s corporate limits on any lot or parcel of land unless such parcel of land shall be an acreage, except as provided under subsections (f), (g) and (h) of this section and article IV of this chapter. The area where any such animal is kept on the acreage shall be 75 feet from any neighboring residential dwelling and not located in a front yard area. The keeping of bees in hives is exempted from this section. (emphasis added)

Nuisances: City Animal Control cannot do anything if a neighbor complains as there is no code to violate.

Additional Notes­­­­­­­: Sales of product would not be allowed without visiting the Zoning Board Of Adjustment and getting a special permit for home occupation. Home occupation includes all sales as home-based businesses and are not defined by a level of income (hobby, sideline, primary, etc.) from the hives.

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