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Council Bluffs

Are bees allowed?  Yes. City uses model ordinances and best practices as guidelines as there is no code regarding honey bees. (No digital citation as there is no code.) This includes:

– Hive sited 75’ from house

– 6’ tall flyway barrier

– Water source close to hive

If a nuisance was called: There is no code to enforce. City would try to work a deal between neighbors on setbacks on a given acreage; City would ask that a hive be re-queened if hive was aggressive.

Additional notes: Dierks sees codification in the future where hives are issued free licenses in exchange for contact information. This has precedence for other Public Health issues in the city.

Contact: Donn Dierks

Department: Public Health

Title: Public Health Director

Email: ddierks@councilbluffs-ia.gov

Phone: 712-328-4666

County: Pottawattamie