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Are bees allowed? Perhaps. No digital citations to verify, no city cooperation to supply information.

Councilman answering city hall telephone on 12 28 2015 stated there was no ordinance regarding honey bees and that amending any ordinance would not be pursued as the topic had not been introduced as a concern over his tenure on council of over ten years. He would not state whether no policy meant that beekeeping was permitted or not permitted. He also refused to name zoning districts.

Councilman stated that beekeeping may be allowed upon approval of council, but would not explain approval process when requested. He also stated that “home businesses don’t include beekeeping,” and refused to supply information on home business definitions/conditions. 

If a nuisance was called: Councilman seemed to say that a complaint would be valid if beekeeping was truly a nuisance. No definition or other information supplied.

Additional notes: Councilman on the phone 12 28 15 stated the city would not participate in survey.

Contact: Iona Allen

Department: N/A

Title: City Clerk and Treasurer

Email: cchall@corningia.net

Phone: 641-322-4230

County: Adams