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Are bees allowed?  Yes, in R-0 Districts with a Conditional Use. Code is located online at http://www.amlegal.com/codes/client/coralville_ia/

165.20  R-0 ESTATE RESIDENTIAL DISTRICT. 4. Conditional Uses.  The following uses may be allowed in the R-0 Estate Residential District upon approval of a conditional use permit by the Board of Adjustment as required by Section 165.50.

  1. Farms and other agricultural uses.


…10.   “Agriculture” means the use of land for agricultural purposes including farming , dairying, pasturage, apiculture, horticulture, floriculture, viticulture and animal and poultry husbandry and the necessary accessory uses for packing, treating or storing the produce; provided, however, the operation of any such accessory use shall be secondary to that of normal agricultural activities, and provided further that the above uses shall not include the commercial feeding of garbage or offal to swine or other animals.

Conditional use permit located at http://www.coralville.org/documentcenter/view/73. For questions about conditional use permits, call the Building and Zoning Officer, 319-248-1720.

If a nuisance was called: A zoning violation would take precedence over a nuisance complaint.

Additional notes: Staff highly discourages beekeeping and wanted to be excluded from this website.

Chickens are not allowed per definition of farm animals.

R-1 is the default zoning given to annexed land.

The City Attorney can also be contacted for questions about beekeeping with the phone number below.

Contact: Thor Johnson

Department: Administration

Title: City Clerk

Email: None. Use http://coralville.org/requesttracker.aspx

Phone: 319-248-1700

County: Johnson