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Are bees allowed?  Yes, in A-1 Zone. Read excerpt below or read online: http://www.bestiowatown.com/Building_ZoningCode.pdf


AGRICULTURE. The tilling of the soil, raising of crops, animals, horticulture, gardening, beekeeping and aquaculture. (A-1 zone)

CHAPTER 4 AGRICULTURAL ZONES SECTION 401 AGRICULTURAL ZONES DEFINED 401.1 Agricultural Zone. Allowable agricultural (A) zone uses shall be: Division 1. (A-1 zone) Any designated open space containing five (5) acres or more, as set forth in this code. Any agricultural use, including, but not limited to, dwellings, maintenance/storage buildings and other such uses necessary for the principal use. Any public park land or other similar recreational use, including, but not limited to, amusement rides, office buildings, retail buildings and dwellings necessary for the maintenance of the principal use. Kennels may be located in this zone if approved by a conditional use permit.

If a nuisance was called: City staff would look for the complaint to match either a zoning violation or definition of attractive nuisance, below.

Ch. 157 Property Maintenance Code

9. “Nuisance” means: A. Any public nuisance as defined by statute or ordinance. B. Any attractive nuisance which may prove detrimental to the health or safety of children whether in a building, on the premises of a building or upon an occupied lot. This includes, but is not limited to: abandoned wells, shafts, basements, excavations, abandoned iceboxes, refrigerators, motor vehicles, any structurally unsound fences or structures, lumber, trash, fences, debris, or vegetation such as poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac which may prove hazardous for inquisitive minors.

Additional notes: 

Zoning violation: Hobbyists in town would be unable to sell honey harvested on premises because Home Occupation does not apply for operations that are not completely contained in the house.


FARM ANIMALS. Animals other than household pets that shall be permitted to, where permitted, be kept and maintained for commercial production and sale and/or family food production, education, or recreation. Farm animals are identified by these categories: large animals, e.g.. horses and cattle; medium animals, e.g.. sheep, goats; or small animals, e.g.. rabbits, chinchillas, chickens, turkeys, pheasants. geese, ducks and pigeons. (definition valid for A-1 zone)

LIVESTOCK. Includes, but is not limited to, horses, bovine animals, sheep, goats, swine, reindeer, donkeys, mules and any other hoofed animals. (definition valid for A-1 zone)

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