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Are bees allowed?  No. There are no restrictions, but staff also note there are no permissions. See Additional Notes.

If a nuisance was called: Honey bees do not fall under the City’s definition of Animal, so complaints would be referred to Zoning.

Additional notes: Animal is defined as vertebrate.

Email from Don Eikmeier, City Administrator:

…Cherokee’s ordinance regarding the keeping of animals,
poultry, etc.  … does not have anything in regards to the
keeping of bees or bee hives.  I have also checked our zoning ordinance.
Our agricultural zone would allow for bees; however it does not specifically address bees either.  Although not specifically listed, bees within our residential, commercial or industrial districts would not be allowed because they are not specifically permitted.

Call with questions.

Contact: Don Eikmeier

Department: Administration

Title: City Administrator

Email: deikmeieradm@cherokeeiowa.net

Phone: 712-225-5749

County: Cherokee