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Cedar Falls

Are bees allowed?  YES, with written consent.

Follow link for full text or read excerpt below. https://www.municode.com/library/ia/cedar_falls/codes/code_of_ordinances

Section 6 Animals

Sec. 6-12. – Consent of adjoining property owners required for keeping bees.

It shall be unlawful for any person to keep stands of bees at any time within the platted part of the city without the written consent of adjoining neighbors.

If a nuisance was called: There would be no valid complaint if homeowners of all adjoining yards consented.

Additional notes:“Platted part of the city” would be all Cedar Falls, Iowa properties.

Written consent would be received and held by the bee keeper. The city does not need notification or require permitting for beekeeping.

Contact: City Hall

Department: None

Title: N/A

Email: There is no blanket email

Phone:  319-273-8600

County: Black Hawk