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Are bees allowed?  No. Under Animal Control and Care

55.18 NUISANCES. The following acts and circumstances are hereby declared to be nuisances and therefore prohibited.

1. Keeping of animals or fowl on private property …

6. Keeping or harboring of bees.

Refer to  original soure http://www.boonegov.com/Code.htm or download a pdf file here: http://boonegov.com/pdf_files/general%20pdf/Boone_Code_TableofContents.pdf

If a nuisance was called: Complaint procedures would be followed for code violation.

Additional notes: This is not a zoning issue, therefore bees are not a permitted use anywhere in city limits.


Contact: Luke Nelson

Department: Administration

Title: City Administrator

Email: lnelson@city.boone.ia.us

Phone: 515-432-4211 x 1

County: Boone