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Are bees allowed?   Per Zoning. Path to zoning map is included below. Zoning Code can be found in Title 11 Zoning Regulations, located online at  http://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php?book_id=1003

Yes, in A-1 Districts: Ch. 5 RURAL DISTRICTS 11-5A includes all definitions and related information regarding A-1 Districts, which are generally outside of residential areas.

No, not permitted in other Zoning Districts: The ‘raising of animals’ is permitted only in A-1 districts.

If a nuisance was called: Backyard beekeeping would be zoning violation. The bee keeper would be notified, followed by cease and desist letter, followed by action with a magistrate.

Neighbors receiving bee stings may be able to file a Nuisance complaint with the City.

Additional notes: For information on A-1 districts, follow this path: http://www.bettendorf.org/ > Departments > Community Development > Planning > Related Pages >  More> Zoning Map 2010 to download a pdf of the Bettendorf zoning map.

Or go straight to this URL:  http://www.bettendorf.org/egov/documents/1331044866_503814.pdf

Contact: Angie Rangel

Department: Code Enforcement/Community Development

Title: Section 8 Housing Coordinator

Email: arangel@bettendorf.org

Phone: 563-344-4000

County: Scott