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Are bees allowed?  Yes, in A-1 District only. Read below for other districts. A-1 code cited below and at: http://www.anamosa-iowa.org/upload/OfficialZoningOrdinance.pdf

Ch. 165 Zoning Regulations 165.06   DEFINITIONS.  For purposes of this chapter, certain terms or words used herein shall be interpreted as follows:

“Agriculture” means the production, keeping or maintenance, for sale, lease, or personal use, of plants and animals useful to humans, including but not limited to:  forages and sod crops; grains and seed crops; dairy animals and dairy products; poultry and poultry products; livestock, including beef cattle, sheep, swine, horses, mules, or goats, or any mutations or hybrids thereof including the breeding and grazing of any or all such animals; bees and apiary products; fur animals; trees and forest products; fruits of all kinds; vegetables; or lands devoted to a soil conservation or forestry management program.


2. Uses. The following uses are permitted in the A-1 District:

Agriculture, including the usual agricultural buildings and structures and excluding offensive uses.

Home occupations in compliance with Section 165.23 of this ordinance.

No, in Residential and Commercial Districts

Bees are not included in definition of “Animal” (see NUISANCE) below, therefore they do not fall under any permitted “keeping of animals.”

If a nuisance was called: There would be a Zoning  Violation rather than a Nuisance. Honey bees are not covered under Animal control per definition of “Animal.”

Ch. 55 Animal Control and Control 55.01    DEFINITIONS.  The following terms are defined for use in the chapters of this Code of Ordinances pertaining to Animal Protection and Control:

1. “Animal” means a nonhuman vertebrate.

Additional notes: None

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