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Are bees allowed?  Yes. There are no restrictions. (No digital citation as there is no code regarding honey bees.) See Additional notes below.

If a nuisance was called: There is no code on which to found a nuisance complaint.

Additional notes:

Seana Perkins, there is no code. Email from Perkins

“Anyone considering keeping honey bees and selling the honey, should contact Planning and Housing prior to investing time and money to determine if there are any additional criteria that should be met.  A home owner should also review their subdivision Codes, Covenants and Restrictions (CC&Rs) to confirm compliance.”

Perkins also writes:

If a person was raising a colony of honey bees on their residential property and it was for financial gain rather than a hobby, they would likely need a Home Occupation permit through our Planning and Housing Department.  Planning and Housing can be reached by phone at 515-239-5400.  I also believe that the State of Iowa would regulate the production of the honey to be sold to the public.

The following is a link to the Municipal Code on the City of Ames website and the Home Occupation Section is 29.1304.

The following link is the Home Occupation application:

Contact: Seana Perkins

Department: Inspections

Title: Building Official

Email: sperkins@city.ames.ia.us

Phone: 515-239-5255

County: Story