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Are bees allowed?  Yes, in A-1 District with a Conditional Use

Although there is no definition for Agriculture in Ch 165 ZONING CODE — GENERAL PROVISIONS 165.02 DEFINITIONS, Planner Chad Quick stated there was a need for a conditional use permit to allow beekeeping in the A-1 District. Conditional Use subsection does not address beekeeping or honey crops. See below.

01 A-1 AGRICULTURAL. The “A-1” Agricultural District is intended and designed to provide for certain agricultural and undeveloped areas of the City now utilized primarily for agricultural purposes and to prevent the establishment of scattered small lot subdivisions which force the extension of urban services into areas more appropriately suited for non-urban development at the present time.

Principal Permitted Uses. Only the uses of structures or land listed in this section shall be permitted in the “A-1” District.

Agriculture and usual agricultural buildings and structures, but not including commercial livestock feed lots, poultry farms, grain storage and drying facilities.

Application to board of adjustment, hearings held once a month, on first Tuesdays as needed. $150 fee. Application available online at: http://www.altoona-iowa.com/download/City%20Departments/Zoning/Applications%20-%20Board%20of%20Adjustment%20Conditional%20Use.pdf

If a nuisance was called: There is no valid claim if Board of Adjustment approved a conditional use. There may be a valid claim if there was a stinging incident that would classify a colony as vicious.

CHAPTER 57 DANGEROUS AND VICIOUS ANIMALS 57.01 DEFINITIONS. For use in this chapter, the following terms are defined: 1. “Animal” means every wild, tame, or domestic member of the animal kingdom other than the genus and species Homo sapiens

Additional notes: All land annexed gets A-1 zoning by default.

167.07 Exceptions, Modifications and Interpretations  7. Zoning of Annexed Areas. Any land annexed to the City after the effective date of the Zoning Code shall be zoned A-1 Agricultural until the Zoning Commission and Council shall have studied the area and adopted a final zoning plan for the area. Said final zoning plan shall be adopted within six (6) months of the date of annexation.

Contact: Chad Quick

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