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Are bees allowed?  Yes, in AG Agricultural, CN Conservation, and LM Light Manufacturing Districts. Code is not located online, must contact city staff to see ordinance. Excerpts below.

Definition, but not citation, provided as follows:

…6. Agriculture — The production, keeping or maintenance, for sale, lease, or personal use, of….breeding and grazing of any or all such animals, including bees and apiary products….”

17.04.140 AG Agricultural District… 2. Permitted Uses.

A. Agriculture.

B. Home Occupation

C. Agricultural services

17.04.150 CN Conservation District 3. Accessory Uses… B. Agriculture, exclusive of dwelling units.

17.04.220 LM Light Manufacturing District 2. Permitted Uses. A. Agriculture….

Nuisance: Beekeeping would not be a nuisance but could be a zoning violation.

Additional Notes: None

Contact: Ron Covert

Department: Public Works

Title: Public Works Director

Email: rcovert@ci.algona.ia.us

Phone: 515-295-2411

County: Kossuth