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Are bees allowed? Yes. Beekeeping is not regulated. Definition of Agriculture includes animal husbandry. Excerpt below or use source: http://www.amlegal.com/codes/client/pella_ia/


For the purposes of this Zoning Ordinance, certain terms and words are hereby defined.  ….

… “Agriculture” means the use of land for purposes of growing the usual farm products, including vegetables, fruit, trees and grains; pasturage; dairying; animal and poultry husbandry, and the necessary accessory uses for treating or storing the produce, provided that the operation of such accessory uses is secondary to that of the regular agricultural activities.

If a nuisance was called: Staff was unsure because it had no baseline complaint for comparison.

Additional notes: Only inquiry for beekeeping in recent history was Central College and their organic garden.

Home occupation for home-based business is based on performance set of criteria (see link below), such as complaints, no permits. http://www.cityofpella.com/documentcenter/view/63

Contact: George Wesselhoft

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